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August Challenge

The challenge for August is Tricep Dips. We all know about the arm waddle, and we all want nice tight arms. This exercise will help.

Find a hard surface like a set of stairs or two sturdy chairs. Sit on the floor with your hands on the bottom stair and your back to the edge of the stair. Put your feet straight out in front of you. Pushing down on your arms, straighten them. Bonus points for extending your body until your hips are straight!

If you are doing this off a set of hard chairs, make sure that they are solid and are stable. I am not responsible for you flipping them over! ☺ Sit on the chairs with your fingertips wrapped around the front edge of the chair. Lift your bottom off the chair and forward, so that your back can slide down towards the floor as your arms bend. Then push and straighten your arms.

If you have never done these before or they are hard for you, start with 1 and add one per day. (Hint: you will do whatever number the date is!) If you have done these before or are already fairly strong, start with 10 and add the date. (So the first day you will do 11, the second day you will do 12, etc.)