September Challenge

Crunches: Here’s another exercise that most people do wrong. The point of a crunch is NOT to use the hips as a pivot and bounce up and down. Most people do this, especially on a stability ball, which simply shows that your butt/hips can bend. Great. But that’s not ab work.

Lie down on your back on the floor with legs bent and feet flat on the floor. (Do not tuck your feet under something; that only brings in leg muscles.) Bring hands up to collarbone as if you are adjusting a shirt/collar (arms bent, hands in middle/front of chest). Squeeze abs downward as if you are pushing — labor? a bowel movement? (gross, I know, but it’s roughly the same muscles involved). THEN WHILE STILL PUSHING DOWNWARD lift chest up off ground about 3 -5 inches. Do NOT look at your belly while doing it; keep head neutral. Your lower back will also be pushing down into the ground.

All crunches should really be a four-step process. Squeeze, lift, come down, relax.

If you’re doing it right, it won’t really matter how strong you get, since an isometric is involved, the stronger you get, the stronger you will squeeze, so you will still get tired quickly.

So….I’d like you to start with 20 and add 1 crunch a day. So September 1 you will do 21 crunches. By the end of the month you’ll be up to 51!

If on the first day you can’t do 20 then I’d like you to start with 10 and add 1 per day.

You can do it! Let me know how you’re doing!

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