Shopping Guide

I love the fact that this mat is soft and squishy, yet firm enough to support the body. It folds so it’s easy to put away. This is the best price for this type of mat that I’ve found!

This is a really good price for a beginning/light dumbbell set. The paired weights are 8 pounds, 5 pounds, and 3 pounds and include a nice stand to hold the weights. There are so many exercises that can be done with these weights!

I use a BOSU ball (Both Sides Up or Both Sides Utilized) constantly in my workouts. If the flat side is down, certain exercises can be done, but if you turn it over there’s a much greater challenge!

Balance disks are inexpensive and yet give a good bang for the buck. Whether you use i by standing on it on one foot, putting it under your feet during pushups, or sitting on it for tuckups…they give a great addition to your workout.

Kettlebells are great! There are so many ways to use them. This set is an amazing price and the weights are good for people who are new at exercising and for those who are more experienced.